David A. Yomtov | Attorney At Law

I have been practicing law in Santa Clara County since 1993. I have always focused on the needs of my clients to deal with their domestic legal problems, whether in Family Court or in Bankruptcy.

FINANCIAL INTERESTS: Getting divorced does not have to be an emotional and financial disaster.  My goal is to help you through the process and present options that may make the ordeal less bitter and less expensive.  My staff and I are here for you, protecting your rights and interests at every step.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Domestic violence is a serious problem in America. I do everything I can to make sure that my clients are protected, including helping arrange restraining orders and protective orders. My client’s safety always comes first.  On the other hand, if you have been accused of domestic violence, I am ready to help you navigate this challenge. 

CHILD CUSTODY: When parents split up, their children often suffer more than the parents do. Child custody decisions are supposed to be about protecting the best interests of the child. Unfortunately, many parents think that custody means ownership, and too often, children are caught in the middle of their parents’ disagreements.

PROPERTY SETTLEMENT: The path to reaching a marital property settlement is often more complex than some people realize.  Making sure your settlement is fair takes more than just accepting the financial report submitted by your spouse.  Hiding assets from the court is an age-old trick.  Your attorney will need to know strategies for uncovering and valuing financial assets that may be hidden from view. 

DEBT MANAGEMENT/DISCHARGE: Debt can be overwhelming and put an enormous strain on your life and your family. Whether you are using your credit card to pay for necessities you can’t afford or you are falling behind on your mortgage payments, bankruptcy may offer the debt relief you need to get out from under your debt and start moving forward into the future.

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