David is a great attorney that I would recommend without any reservation. He helped me go through a very miserable divorce case. It was a mere 4-month marriage (no child, no violence, and requested divorce right after the opposing party got green card) and I was nailed to pay around two years of spousal support (more than a half of my salary gone). That was a bitter experience you never want to be cheated like that. Before I came to David, I was hiring another attorney, who was so bad in many ways: always irresponsive, never inform me with the progress even when necessary, and most importantly, lack of experiences and knowledge and unrealistic strategies led to a huge waste of my money. I felt so lucky that I finally found David and it was he who helped me clean up the mess and finally relieved my stress. I have to say, with all my experience with several attorneys, I found David is really knowledgable, smart, efficient, always responsive, reasonable and realistic, and most importantly, very professional, e.g., always for the best interest of his client at heart. He tries his best to spend least money to get things done.

One other very important merit of David is that he is very efficient and bills very reasonably. For example, he never charged for trivial emails and phone calls as long as it is not too frequent. Also, he is very efficient and can usually get complicated stuff done very nice and clean within a few hours. Before I came to David, my previous attorney was really bad in the contrary, she charges every second on every email, phone call, etc., even though the phone call or emails wad caused by her own negligence. And she even repetitively billed huge amount of dollars for simple tasks, which finally turned out to be useless. I filed a fee arbitration agains my previous attorney and finally get some refund.

Overall, I had really good experience hiring David and very satisfied with the efficient, effective and reasonably billed legal services that he rendered. I think a professional attorney should do what he did: doing his work to for the client’s interest and then get paid for the serviced, NOT doing work just for money! This can really help improve the bar association, and ease all clients’ life. As long as he continues his best efforts for his client’s interest, I believe he could be the role model for the whole bar association.

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