Marital Property Division

When a couple gets divorced, they must deal with marital property division, and this is where Attorney at Law David Yomtov is extremely helpful. He knows from years of helping people with divorce and separation issues how assets are manipulated and hidden when there is a divorce on the horizon. Attempting to hide assets is more common that you might think, but there are ways to ferret out these important assets to assure an equitable marital property division.

David Yomtov Attorney at Law

Clients at the law office of David Yomtov, Attorney at Law, are treated with respect and dignity, and they receive personalized attention. Finding creative solutions to unique problems is always the goal, and Attorney David Yomtov excels at creativity. Property in a divorce may consist of many types of assets, but the bottom line is fairness for all. This is the ultimate goal, to be achieved despite the emotion and anger that often accompanies a divorce or separation arrangement.

San Jose Marital Property Division Attorney

Before you sign anything accepting a property division in a divorce, you want to seek legal representation from your own attorney who will stand up for your rights. San Jose Marital Property Division Attorney David Yomtov will make sure you get a fair settlement. This means doing a lot more than just accepting a financial report submitted by the other party. Trying to hide assets is an old trick, but David has modern strategies for finding and valuing financial assets that you are entitled to share.

Getting your fair share not only is just, it is deserved. Both spouses worked hard during their marriage to accumulate assets and property. When the relationship goes sour and they decide to part ways, those assets and property are subject to being fairly divided between the couple. This may require time at the mediation table or even a trip to the courtroom, but ultimately each person deserves a fair share of their marital assets. This may mean selling some items, getting loans to buy out a share or other ways to settle the division matters. The final outcome needs to be fair marital property division and distribution.

Get Trustworthy Legal Representation

An attorney with experience in all aspects of Family Law is knowledgeable and able to help you find and divide marital assets. Attorney David Yomtov has helped clients since 1993 resolve their Family Law matters, including all aspects of divorce or separation. He works closely with clients to help them make difficult decisions during a very emotional time of life. He provides the level thinking needed so you do not make rash decisions that are not in your best interest at a time when you are very upset and distressed.

Get the trustworthy legal representation you deserve to get past all your divorce matters. Contact the law office of San Jose Marital Property Division Attorney David Yomtov today to get started. Call him now, at (408) 993-0808.

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