As a San Jose divorce attorney we understand how important it is that both parties walk away from the process feeling as positive as possible. That is one of the primary reasons we offer a number of options including the ability to negotiate terms of your divorce through mediation and arbitration. We know that divorce does not mean everyone has to lose, we know it is possible to have a situation that is more positive for both partners.

When your divorce is uncontested

Many couples agree that it is simply time for them to live apart. Because of this, there are often mutually agreeable settlements they can reach including resolving issues surrounding:

  • Child custody – oftentimes parents decide ahead of time what arrangements are in the best interest of their child. However, couples will still need a written agreement to ensure that both parties abide by this agreement.
  • Spousal and child support – whether you and your partner have reached an agreement regarding support payments after your divorce is final it will still require court approval. We can work with you to help settle these matters before you go to court.
  • Property division – the longer a marriage has lasted, the more complicated property division becomes. Whether it is dealing with assets such as a family home or bank accounts, we can help work with you to work out a suitable property division.
  • Debt division – after a divorce it is not uncommon to face financial challenges. Oftentimes this is because you are transitioning from a two-income household to a single income household. However, marital debt division does not have to become an overwhelming burden if both parties can reach an agreement on how the debt is to be repaid.

Many couples look at the divorce process as one in which neither party wins and both of them wind up losing significant assets and rights. When you work with David Yomtov Attorney at Law, my goal is to make the process as simple as possible and to help you work out your differences with your partner with as few problems as possible. it does not matter if your divorce is one that both partners agree is best or if it is highly contentious, I can help. Whether we can work out your differences during mediation or through arbitration or whether you require someone to protect your rights in court, we can help.

Whether you are considering filing for divorce or your spouse has served you with divorce papers, contact David Yomtov Attorney at Law. We will take the time to review your case and help deal with the many issues that you will be facing through the process. We are here to serve as an advocate and help ensure your rights are protected.

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