Child Custody

One of the hardest areas of life for people to manage when there is a parental separation or divorce is care of their minor children and child custody issues. The courts and of course, parents, want to protect these innocent children and look out for their best interests, but this often gets lost within parental disagreements. With help from David Yomtov Attorney At Law, parents can settle disagreements and move on to a positive life experience for all family members, without the discord that divorce and separations can cause.

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San Jose Child Custody Attorney David Yomtov understands the interpersonal dynamics that come into play when a family unit is broken through divorce or separation. Child custody arrangements are supposed to provide a positive situation for minor children, where they can grow and thrive. This can be upset when parents put the kids in the middle of their own arguments, using children as pawns for power or personal gain. Resolving these problems is essential for the good of the children and peace of mind overall. With the caring attention clients get at the law firm of David Yomtov, San Jose, CA, creative solutions are found.

For some people, shared custody is the ideal solution, but for others there may be reasons why one parent should have sole custody, or different types of legal and physical custody arrangements. If one parent is better able to provide living quarters and a peaceful atmosphere, they may seek sole custody.

If there is any amount of domestic violence occurring, that is another consideration to take seriously when determining child custody issues.

Parents and grandparents also have to deal with visitation rights and other matters about child custody arrangements. There is plenty to think about and decisions to make. You will benefit greatly from the experience that David Yomtov has in this area of Family Law. He is ready to help you make tough decisions that benefit the children and you as parent.

San Jose Child Custody Attorney

In his work as a San Jose Child Custody Attorney, David Yomtov has helped many families work out creative child custody and visitation solutions. There are many options available, including third-party custody. This time of family turmoil is also a time when children most need help getting past the family unit disruption so they can move forward and be happy again also. Get the legal representation you deserve from an attorney who knows Family Law, Child Custody and substantial ways to help you and your family deal with the aftermath of a family break-up.

Resolve your Child Custody issues with help from an attorney who cares and will give you individual attention and personalized solutions to emotionally charged family problems Contact the San Jose, CA, law office of Attorney David Yomtov today to discuss your family law matters in confidence. Call him now, at (408) 993-0808.

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