Bankruptcy is an excellent legal tool people who are struggling with deep debt problems can use to get out from under that crushing emotional and financial load and begin anew. David Yomtov, a San Jose Bankruptcy Attorney knows that this tool offers you a second chance to deal with your financial difficulties and stops harassment and collection efforts. It is possible to eliminate many debts, such as unsecured credit accounts, by filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy relief. You can even save your home from foreclosure and recommit to creditors through a supervised repayment plan if you file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

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When your debts are overwhelming, you are behind and getting charged with high late fees, your credit score is suffering and you don’t know what to do, come and discuss that problem with Attorney David Yomtov. Bankruptcy may offer you the exact solution you need to get out from under that debt monster and start fresh with a clean slate.

Attorney at Law David Yomtov has helped many people resolve debt problems through Bankruptcy. He is ready to discuss the options with you and help you decide which option is the best course to follow. He treats each client as a friend, with personal attention and individualized solutions to legal problems. He has practiced law in Santa Clara County since 1993, and enjoys helping people move on to the next chapter of their lives, safely.

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The two most common filings are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is primarily a plan to eliminate unsecured debt and keep assets. Chapter 13 also allows you to keep assets but you set a repayment plan with creditors over several years ahead. Some businesses also might select Chapter 11. The thing to remember when you file for Bankruptcy protection is that you can only do this once in a certain time period, seven years for Chapter 7, and it will remain on your credit history for about ten years. You should be able to get credit again shortly, however, because creditors know you cannot file again quickly. This is something to be careful about, so you do not get over your head in debt again.

Don’t let overwhelming debt cause you continuing emotional and financial woes. The effects of credit problems are widespread, harming relationships and causing great financial problems. There are ways to resolve your debt crisis now, but you must make the first important step to seek experienced legal advice. Bankruptcy can be a very positive way to work through your debt roadblock and start over. Get the legal representation you deserve from San Jose Bankruptcy Attorney David Yomtov. David and his staff also speak Spanish.

Contact the law office of David Yomtov, Attorney at Law today, in San Jose, CA. Call now, (408) 993-0808, and start moving toward a brighter future through debt relief.

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